My name is Pat Rigsby and I’m the Co-Owner of several businesses in the fitness industry including the fastest growing personal training franchise in the world, Fitness Revolution. I’m the Best Selling Author of The Little Black Book Of Fitness Business Success and have been featured in USA Today, PFP Magazine, Club Industry and on CBS, ABC and NBC. I’ve also personally been a Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach, owned multiple personal training companies, a health club and had experience in virtually every corner of the fitness industry so I’ve probably been in ‘your shoes’ at some point.

I’m a coach, just like you. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I’ve gone through all the ups and downs that come with owning your own personal training business and even had to move my family into a basement for a year while we were getting started. I want to help you avoid the mistakes I’ve made along the way and be able to enjoy having a business of your own that allows you to follow your passion, help your clients and provide you with the personal and financial freedom you deserve. The mission of our business is simple: we want to help quality trainers and coaches build great businesses.

What We Do
The FitBusinessInsider team provides personal trainers, coaches and fitness business owners around the world with business building programs, coaching, consulting and resources. Unlike other industry ‘gurus’ we actually are owners of over a dozen businesses based in the fitness industry, practicing what we teach on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide a high level of service and education to fitness entrepreneurs so they can best leverage their talents and passion to increase profits and achieve success.

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